Understanding Your Insurance Policy
Insurance and insurance payments can be difficult to understand, and we want to help.  

In Network
We are in Network with the insurance companies listed below.  Although we may not be in Network with your insurance company, you may still make an appointment to see Dawn.  In most cases with "Out of Network" appointments, your insurance company will typically pay "Out of Network Benefits."  What, or if, your insurance company will pay "Out of Network Benefits" depends on your insurance company and, most importantly,  your specific policy.  Please check your policy, and if you still have questions, please feel free to call the clinic (870-881-8558).

Please note: We do not see patients whose primary coverage is through Arkansas Medicaid but we will see patients who have Arkansas Medicaid as secondary coverage.

We are In Network with:
  • Medicare
  • Railroad Medicare
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield
  • Aetna
  • United Health Care
  • Humana
  • Cigna
  • Arkansas Medicaid (Secondary insurance only)
  • Other carriers are currently pending

Insurance Terms

  • Network - the groups, clinics or doctors your insurance company has a contract with 
  • Copay - the amount you are expected to pay at each visit regardless of procedures or medicine prescribed
  • Deductible - the amount of money you must pay before your insurance company will cover your medical expenses (typically this is based on an annual basis, such as $1200/year or $2000/family per year)
  • Co-Insurance - the percentage amount your insurance company expects you to pay for any covered procedures after you have met your deductible. 
  • Charge - the amount South Point charges your insurance company for your visit or procedure
  • Allowable - the amount your insurance company has agreed to pay for your visit or procedure.